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The Big Journey to Little Pineapple

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

I hope my story inspires you to never give up on your goals and to believe in yourself. Prosperity takes hard work, motivation, as well as, "failures." What doesn't go as planned is actually part of the plan.

The Foundation of Prickly Little Pineapple

How did Prickly Little Pineapple come to be? Well, it's a long story... but you're here, I'm here, so let's get started. I received my Esthetics license in 2014. I was hired at a few different salons to perform facials however, I walked away shortly after I received the position every time. The beauty school I attended didn't particularly teach me the real world. It's actually no longer in business if that's a clue. I was not comfortable accepting payments in a legitimate salon knowing I was not properly trained. I did not see the potential in myself like the hiring managers did. For a few years, I worked a coupled jobs but, ultimately, left me unfulfilled and discouraged. Well, I was offered a job as a Wax Specialist. I thought, I would pursue my license one more time, except I would push myself towards waxing and shelve skin care for a brief moment. Fortunately, I was given a wonderful wax trainer and a memorable manager. This job was in Escondido. Everyone.. I drove to Escondido and back to Palm Springs every single day for 3 months, 5 days out of the week. That is about 4 hours a day of driving without traffic. I was dedicated to begin a career, a stable life. Eventually, I moved over there briefly though, I moved 4 more times, determined to go to work because I knew in my bones this would lead me somewhere. After almost a year, it was time for me to move to the desert. I cherished my experiences and applied it to my future as best as I possibly could. This dedication created a world of friendships, interests, and forever appreciated opportunities. Of course, there were some sour moments. Living situation was tough, coming to terms a job position wasn't meant to be, not sure what to do next. As you move forward though, and really take a moment to digest all of that you have accomplished, now that is life. Do not stop believing in yourself. There is much, much more to come!


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