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Go ahead. Keep relaxing. You can book online! Click on the black buttons to schedule your appointment!


No Call-No Show Cancellation Policy!

Please call/text Prickly Little Pineapple if you would like to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you do not notify Prickly Little Pineapple that you are unable to make it within 3 hours of your scheduled appointment, then the next appointment you would like to book will have an additional 40% up front fee of the missed scheduled service's original price. If you are more than 10 minutes late, your appointment will need to be rescheduled and will have an additional 40% fee. Holidays are 60%. Prickly Little Pineapple has the right to refuse service. If a new client no call/no shows, they will not be scheduled for a service in the future. Messaging me past 10 minutes is considered a no call/no show. I am no longer offering leg waxes and I will not make accommodations. 




Be Good to your skin and Humble to the environment.



Full Face - $66
Eyebrows - $15
Nose - $8
Ears - $15
Sideburns - $15
Cheeks - $20
Lip - $10
Chin - $15
Underarms - $20
Arms (Full) - $70
Arms (Half) - $50
Stomach (Strip) - $12
Back (Full) - $65
Back (Half) - $40
Bikini (Line) - $28
Bikini (Full) - $52
Bikini (Brazilian) - $60
Inner Thigh - $25


I do not offer Leg Waxing

Bikini (Brazilian) and Bikini (Full) are performed on vaginal anatomy only. Must be at least 18 years of age or older. 

Love Your Soul 

Wax Packages

Lip Package of 3 - $25 
($5 off)

Eyebrows Package of 3 - $40
($5 off)

Bikini (Brazilian) Package of 3 - $158
($22 off)

Be Patient With Yourself...


60Min Spa Facial - $80

This facial is the ultimate blend of cleansers, masks, and creams that are customizable to your needs. The 60min includes Double Cleanse, Exfoliation, Extractions, Mask, Facial Massage, Serum, Moisturizer, and Spf.    

70Min Crystal Clear - $90

This detoxifying treatment is fantastic for a desert babe that is more oily and acne-prone. This facial will use products that help eliminate congested impurities. Ice Globes and blue LED light therapy will be included as well. You won't only feel clear like a crystal, you'll be charged up like one too!
Facial massage is not included.    


I am thankful for today


Trust The Timing


Add Ons

High Frequency - $5

High Frequency has healing and antiseptic effects on the skin. This is great for treating in-grown hairs or acne. Add this on to your bikini wax if you struggle with in-grown hairs or to your facials if you struggle with acne!

Rose Quartz Roller - $5

As the Rose Quartz roller massages the skin, the lymphatic system carries away toxins and brings oxygen to the surface. This results in a more brightening appearance. It also encourages products to penetrate deeper into the skin helping reduce redness and decrease puffiness. Add it to any facial! 

Celluma Blue LED Light Acne Therapy - $10

Acne is extremely common and nothing to be ashamed about! Blue light therapy is non-invasive and works by killing acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin's surface. A light shining on your skin just like the desert sun. 

Mini Ice Globes - $5

It's time to break the ice! These Mini Ice Globes help tighten the skin, reduce large pores, and soothes migraines.


Have a Beautiful Day.






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