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Pineapple's 2020 Pandemic Tips

Tips that kept Little P strong and thriving through 2020.

2020 was a year that I wasn't prepared for. It was unforeseen and put me in a position to rearrange ideas of what I had thought was most important for the business. Coming into 2021 I am optimistic and grateful. Do not give up on your goals! They are still achievable! The pandemic has taught me that everyone is navigating their own stormy sea and in a sense has brought more small businesses together as a little community. You recognize and appreciate what is around you a bit more. There is one thing, for sure, that everyone has in common and that is adapting to the new temporary normal. How do I stay motivated? What do I do to keep my current clients and future clients excited? How do I stay relevant? One of the best qualities to have is to be open minded about everything. To really listen to everyone's suggestions then, sleep on it. Someone may see something in a different view that could really bring value to your vision, or!! it could reassure you that the decisions you are making are the correct ones. I routinely listen to beauty podcasts. Gosh I have learned soo much!! A couple of topics were brought to my attention that would elevate Little P. It inspired me to to give back and teach more. I also would like my clients to feel like they are getting the most they possibly can out of their service even if it is just a lip or brow wax. Simple, affordable, thoughtful and accommodates every type of client. Little P offers complimentary candy, water, juice, tv, as well as, coffee (coming soon!!). Occasionally, I'll pass out something extra. Every brazilian wax client receives a sample of an ingrown hair serum/oil, a cleansing wipe for their service and a towel. Just about every small local business I step into, I introduce myself. Yes, it becomes repetitive but incredibly necessary because within a short amount of time, I am trying to earn a level of trust so I could potentially bring in more clientele to stay afloat. I have met some kind, uplifting people that have brightened my day just by having a new conversation. You are the face of your business/trade. Your personality reflects your business. When a client or business owner refers a new client to you, keep in mind they took time out of their day to have a conversation about you and share your contact information because they believe in you. Never take that for granted! What inspires me is seeing the people around me (the community) pushing themselves to use their creativity for continual income. Focusing on my self care also, helps me help YOU with your self care. Little P is apart of your optimism/mental health and realizing that, ultimately, is the greatest feeling of fulfillment. Stay positive!

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