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Pineapple's New Home

Relocated and Restored.

Well, it was spontaneous. I moved down the street. I had been in my previous location for 2 years and felt it was time for a new beginning. I did downsize and this is why.. A smaller space feels comforting to me. I'm a shy person and enjoy a slower pace of lifestyle. The suite that I am in is perfect and suitable for my needs. I enjoy the cozy home similarity it brings. Social media did put an image in my mind the direction I should be going in. Bigger and bigger. Going smaller is ok though! Don't ever feel like you are going backwards because you are doing things a little bit differently. Negatively comparing your life/career isn't healthy for your mind and soul. After an unpredictable year that involved never ending stress, I wanted to be surrounded by peace. I hope the serenity of the salon gives you a sense of untroubled calmness. I am very excited for this year and what I am able to bring to my amazing clientele.

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